Circulation Area

Circulation Area

Circulation areas are some of the most important aspects of a project. All visitors go through these areas to reach their final destination. Immediately after the entrance (whether it is in a hotel or at home, or an office or a restaurant....) this area symbolizes the architectural concept and style, influencing the rest of the environment.

The designers can play with the light to modify the perception and the vibe of the space, modulating the contrast between the illuminated surface and the other surfaces. From diffused illumination to focused illumination, Delta Light offers you different tools for a wide range of light effects and to make a creative statement, influencing the way visitors experience the environment. Have fun with them.​

1. Diffused lighting
Any surface is illuminated in a uniform way. You can see everything perfectly, without shadows and any kind of contrast. There are no hierarchies, all surfaces have the same importance.



2. Direct lighting with a linear cut in the ceiling.
A line connects the different spaces like a guide across the building. The lighting fixtures hidden inside the profile can illuminate the floor (creating a rhythm along the pathway) or the walls (illuminating paintings or sculptures) or both of them.
The ceiling will be darker than the other surfaces, reducing the perception of the height of the space.

3. Adjustable spotlights
You can also opt to attract specific attention, illuminating specific objects such as sculptures or paintings or furniture. In this way you create an elegant and scenic illumination in a suggestive way, focusing on what you want the guests to see.

4. Fixed spotlights
Groups of luminaries create a general illumination of the space. The more illuminated zones highlight specific functions, such as a door or a bookshelf or an armchair.

5. General lighting + Focused lighting
Combining linear lighting with spotlighting enables you to highlight the architectural volume of the space, and at the same time illuminate objects in a focused way.

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