Infinity of Light experience at Club Design

Delta Light presents the “Infinity of Light” installation at Club Design in Kortrijk (BE), from 14th to the 23rd of October. Club Design is a curated design expo and installation during the day, and a club like no other at night. This temporary and innovative concept was developed for the occasion of the 25th Interieur Biennale in Kortrijk.

The Infinity of Light is a black box that seems to have crashed into this abandoned warehouse, getting stuck between the concrete pillars. Visitors of Club Design are invited to step into this asymmetrically positioned cube, floating half a meter above the floor at its lowest point.

While a clean black box on the outside, the inside offers a fascinating play of light and reflection. Indirect made-to-measure led profiles define the inner contours of the box, combined with an intense grid of small mirrors. Delta Light’s unique Wireless Control System further upgrades the experience with different pulsating light scenarios.

The result is an immersive trompe l'oeil effect, a consequence of playing with light, emphasizing contours, surrounding reflection and the asymmetrical shape of the box.

“Light has the ability to define spaces and play with your mind. It can make a space look bigger or smaller, feel cold or warm and enrich architectural concepts. The Infinity of Light installation emphasizes the powerful impact and emotion light can bring, on its own or in combination with other materials and shapes” – Jan Ameloot, managing director of Delta Light. “Optics, effects, experiences and emotions are everyday ingredients at Delta Light. We work closely with architects, designers and investors to share this knowledge and expertise.”

Besides the Infinity of Light box Delta Light upgraded the Club Design experience with custom designed profiles, scattered throughout this industrial space. Each profile combines Delta Light’s slim Femtoline led lines with the Boxy track spots, providing both accent and diffuse lighting, allowing to provide focused illumination where needed and overall lighting to highlight the original character of the building.

The alley going up to the Club Design entrance surprises guests with a remarkable set-up of the Butler, a new outdoor collection designed by artist Arik Levy for Delta Light. Butler poles – originally designed for floor surface mounting – are positioned in clusters on the outside wall of the attached building, resulting in a creative play of light and fascinating contrast with the brute character of the alley.

The entire Club Design space can be controlled with one mobile device via Delta Light’s Wireless Control Dimming system. This system enables the owner of the space to create any lighting scene, using nothing but his smartphone or tablet.

Club Design
14-23 October 2016
Texture Museum
Gasstraat / Noordstraat Kortrijk

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