This new addition to the Femtoline led profile range offers additional installation ease, thanks to a separate cabling channel inside the profile. This allows you to connect the profile on one end, and extent power supply all the way through, staying inside the profile. Despite this additional channel the Femtoline still features an ultra-minimalistic design, to be used either trimless recessed or surface mounted. For trimless installation the Femtoline 35 needs to be used in combination with the Femtoline 35 TR base profile.

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393 00 00
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FTL35 TR - PROFILE Installation manual Specsheet
End caps
393 03 01 FTL35 TR - END CAP SET
393 06 01 FTL35 TR - CORNER 180°
393 06 06 FTL35 TR - CORNER 90°
Fixation components
393 14 01 FTL35 TR - CLIP

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